To Budget Or Not To Budget (That’s The Question)!

Having a budget has never been more important than today.  Knowing how much money is available and where you intend to spend it is crucial.  We have become a society that loves to spend and for many they do it using credit cards.  The sad thing is that most people have no intention of paying the credit cards off at the end of the month.  Having a budget in place is important to your family’s financial success.

Budgeting can be scary at first.  It sure would be nice if budgeting was taught in school (What a joke)!  For some people they look at budgeting as a restriction being placed on their financial lives.  They feel if they have to budget, life as they know it will be over.  They will have to keep track of what they spend and answer for it.  HOW DARE YOU ASK ME TO DO THAT!

Does this sound familiar, if not that is wonderful.  Welcome to the majority.  If it does sound familiar don’t feel bad, society has not done a good job of giving us the tools to prepare for a good financial life.  The talk of money wasn’t very popular.  Don’t worry they will figure it out, that is what society has done to us.

The good news is that you can break the chains of Financial Prison.  You can learn the proper techniques to budgeting.  Here are a few things that must be in any good budget:

How much income is there in any given month
How much money do you donate or give away each month
Monthly mortgage or rent
Other monthly bills (electric, phone, gas, oil, water, telephone, cell phone, etc)
Monthly food cost
Non standard bills (birthday gifts, doctor’s copayments, new couch, car repairs, etc)
Credit card debt

Some of these items will have to be estimated, just do the best that you can.  I know it may sound like a lot of work up front but just start out slow and you will get through it.

Look for more on budgeting coming out soon.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man