Stress Is Killing Us A Little At A Time!

Money Coach, Financial Coach, Making Money Online, Online Business, Stress ReductionThe economic downturn isn’t showing any signs of recovery any time soon.  The stock market gives us a false sense of security as the Dow rises for no apparent reason and then tumbles 1000 points in 15 minutes and it goes back up 700 points in 20 minutes.

Not only has Fear has set in it’s engraining itself in many people’s daily lives.  So how does one cope with those fears?  How do we as a society handle the stress that accompanies these fears?

Here are some ways to help cope with the daily stress that people deal with:

  1. Go To Bed – The experts tell us adults need a good 7 – 8 hours of sleep per day.  If a person is not getting enough sleep they are adding to the stress in their lives.  Make a point of setting a bed time and sticking to it.
  2. Get The Motor Running – Exercise is an important part of any daily stress reduction program.  One doesn’t need to join a gym, but they do need to get moving.  Even a walk for 30 minutes at lunch time can be a great help.
  3. Clean Up Your Plate – We’re not talking about food, we are talking about a person planning out their daily lives.  Most people today are so busy they can’t seem to get enough done in a day.  Set up a plan of attack every day, determine what will be done each day and in what order.  Having lots of balls in the air and not seeing a finish line dramatically raises the stress level.  This is a big one.
  4. Clean Up The Workspace – Weather it is a desk at work, a shop out in the garage or the kitchen area, keep it organized.  For many people it’s a bunch of little things that raises their stress level.  Having a work area clean and organized will eliminate many of these little stressors that creep into a daily routine.
  5. Junk In, Junk Out – Healthy snacks are a much better choice than a bag of chips or a candy bar when it comes to stress reduction.  At around 2:00pm a person’s energy level drops off so they reach for a candy bar and in a little while their energy is back on track.  Until the crash sets in, it’s called a sugar high.  Stay off of that roller coaster it isn’t good for controlling stress.

Stress leads to many major diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and a host of others.  A lot can be accomplished when a person takes a few simple steps to change some of their habits.  Don’t try to do all of these at one time, pick one to start off with and work them into your daily schedule.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Set up a daily plan, include exercise, eating right and getting to bed on time and keep your work area clean.  These simple tips will go a long way.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man