Quick Cash Online For Kids (Adults Can Play Too)

I hear from parents all the time “My kids are always looking for money” or “How can I get my kids to make extra money “?  We all know that children are not cheap to raise.  It takes money and if you have a few kids, it may take lots of money.

It is important to teach children the value of money.  Helping them to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees is an important lesson for them to learn.  So how can parents do that?  How can I show my little Johnny or Mary the value of money?

One thing to do is to show them how they can make money themselves.  I am not talking about taking your 12 year old child and having them get a job at Home Depot.  What I am talking about is having them make money right from the comfort of your home.

The internet has grown exponentially in the last decade.  Who would have ever thought that it could possibly become such an important thing in our society?  With the internet having so much influence over our daily lives and online sales of everything from information to cars to houses to, (well you get the point) teaching your children to take advantage of this now will put them light years ahead of their peers.

One Quick and easy way to do this is to go to Amazon.com and sell books you or your child no longer want or need (you can even sell your old college textbooks).  Selling on Amazon is quick and easy.  Here are a few simple steps for selling your unwanted books

1-      Create an account (It’s free and easy to do)

2-      Create a sellers account (Also free and easy to set up)

3-      Get together the books you want to sell

4-      Research what the same used book is selling for on Amazon (enter book name on Amazon.com)

5-      Go into your sellers account

6-      Enter the book name

7-      Enter the book condition (Be VERY accurate here)

8-      Enter your selling price and shipping method

You are done!  Have fun with this, this is not hard stuff and you can make some extra money along the way.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man