Money Is A Powerful Motivator For Kids, Use That To Your Advantage?

With the passage of time, kids are moving towards an independent lifestyle. They want a life full of privacy and comfort. Money is a fundamental human need and children are no different. They want be self-sufficient and in order to be that they are looking for ways that can make them good monetary returns.

Besides making kids independent, engaging in a rewarding activity boosts their confidence and skills. Every parent should encourage their child to go out and earn for themselves. In this way, they would be able to realize the importance of money. Apart from letting them enjoy financial independence, a worthwhile job will teach them a sense of responsibility. It is however the duty of parents to keep a check by what means they are getting money for themselves.

If kids are involved in activities of money making, they will need to realize that the power of cash management is where true financial freedom lye’s. Parents should motivate their children to make them understand the value of a hard earned dollar. Once children realize that money doesn’t grow on trees they will start learning how to budget their own money. This might take a substantial time to happen but it will happen. Once they start earning, their attitude towards life and money will change and a sense of optimism develops in them. They will realize their caliber and this will help them to gain self confidence.

It is the duty of parents to guide their child in the right direction. If the financial status of the family is not good, then the kids will understand their responsibility towards the family and their siblings. Compelling them to earn money can help them to develop a sense of pressure on them. So it is better to help them move in the right direction where money matters are concerned. Don’t force their hands; allow them to be children as you help in moving them in the direction of becoming young adults. Parents must scrutinize their activities on timely basis and encourage them to do well while moving forward.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Help your children when it comes to all areas of money and finances.  Teach them how money works and help them start finding their first job.  Work with them to budget that money and most importantly ALWAYS remember they are children, let them be kids they grow up fast enough!

Robert J. Roy
Money Man