Little Black Book

I am often asked by my subscribers “What service do you use for this or that”?  To help make the process quicker I will add a few links here to take you to what I have found to be the best sites on the internet.

I hope you find them helpful

The Blog software I am using is a FREE (My favorite number) version called WordPress.  You can go to their home page AND LOOK THEM OVER.  The software is fairly easy to use WordPress

WordPress comes with quite a few themes (The overall look of your blog).  I have found one that I like better than anything I have found included with WordPress.  It is so simple my 15 year old daughter set up a blog with it in under 30 minutes.  Here is the link to it Socrates

Paypal is one of the simplest way of getting paid by selling items either online or off line.  Here you go Paypal

There are numerous services out there to email your customers.  I have found Aweber to be the best company out there to handle this delicate task.  Aweber

Click Bank has thousands of products for resale and it makes sure you get paid for the products once they are sold.  Click Bank

Get the lowest priced legal help possible visit Legal Zoom

Look for more sites to be added shortly

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