Kids Making Money Regardless Of Their Age!

The myth that kids cannot make money has been broken. Kids are also keen to earn a little extra spending cash for their personal needs. Nowadays parents are also motivating their kids to indulge themselves in these activities which are entertaining as well as a way to earn. Here are some of the ways that kids can use to earn some extra money:

  1. Painting- If your kid is creative, painting is a good way to earn. There are many painting competition organized by committees who offer prize money to the winner. Kids can have fun and earn. They can also transform their hobby to a profession.
  2. Selling baked goods- Kids who love to cook can learn making baked goods such as cookies, brownies and cakes etc. This will help them to have fun and make money.  The can offer their goods in parks, social clubs etc.
  3. Washing cars- Kids really enjoy washing cars. They can charge few bucks to wash car of other persons.
  4. Internet marketing- There are some children who spend most of their time on internet. They might as well make money from there also. They can perform affiliate marketing, selling online games, article writing and online survey form filling etc. Websites pay commission for all these tasks. This is an easy way for kids to earn some extra cash while sitting at home.
  5. Dog walking service / Dog washing- Many people especially the working class does not have enough time to take their pets on walk. Kids can provide this service to them by charging a small fee.  The same goes for washing pets as walking them.  Just do some local advertising in supermarkets or local papers to find your customers.

The most important thing before starting any business is to talk to your parents about your desire. Ask your parents for help and organizing small activities. Finding a business your child can run allows them to earn their own money. This allows them to buy things like toys, video games, candy etc.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – By helping kids to start their own business they will start understanding the value and power of money.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man