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Internet Marketing, The Best Way To Make Money On The Internet

All over the United States and around the world people are still struggling with the economic crisis. People are facing layoffs, cost cutting, credit card debt, companies shutting their doors and the list goes on and on. When the world was facing the credit crunch, for the most part internet marketing was still unaffected. In fact people were on the lookout for new trends that would still be profitable in the bad times. Even now people are adopting internet marketing as full time profession by quitting their current jobs. The trend is so popular that almost every single city of the world is related to it directly or indirectly.

It’s good for an individual to own an online store. Having an online store involves setting up a web presence and offering your items for sale. One of the most important things to consider is what items you will offer in your store?  There are so many categories to choose from, where do you start?  Start by doing some research on the internet.  Find what items are selling online.  Look for some niche sites in the arena that you are considering.

If you are looking for cutting boards go and search what is available online now.  Look over the websites design, what items they are selling, what they are selling for, etc.  Your research should take you to at least 20 websites for our research.  Get a good feel for what is out there.  This is critical to your success, you will be putting your time, energy and cold hard cash into this so put you best foot forward and do your investigation.

Most online store has numerous categories. Specifying these categories is a crucial task, they must be according to the burning demands and prices should be reasonable. Internet marketing covers lot of aspects but for the beginners it is good to start with the affiliate marketing, where one is paid on commission basis for promoting others’ product. This method does not require inventory, shipping procedure and any other formality that an actual online store requires. Once individuals get familiar with the trend of marketing, one can proceed further.

As soon one is familiar with particular business model, there are a few things which one can run into when it comes to internet marketing. As an amateur, one get easily fed up with the tons of information and things to be learned. Therefore many of the newer internet marketers drop their idea before they actually get into this business of online marketing. The fashion of learning should be fluid and one must retain the focus of succeeding their field. Online marketing can bring good returns and it can let one taste the success while sitting at home.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – The keys are to find a product or niche you are interested in, do your investigation, set up an online store, watch out for the roadblocks and just make it happen!

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Online Business Is It A Get Rich Quick Or Get Rich Steady Process!

It is an undisputable truth that there are millions of people all over the world who are making money online. They are doing this either as a full time job or as a part time one. This is becoming an extra source of income for people. This provides the opportunity of doing work while sitting at home. Individuals should investigate these opportunities very carefully because there are many scammers and schemers trying to get rich in a very short span of time. People cannot be as rich as told by these scammers in a single day. Setting up an online business and earning through it requires determination and consistency.

The basic requirement of an online business is building a website. An attractive and good quality website can serve the purpose by generating good amount of traffic. The second and the most important phase of an online business is search engine optimization. This is most important because there are thousands of websites over the internet and all are working hard to get a good ranking. Unless the website gets a high ranking in the search engines it will be extremely difficult to achieve many sales, no matter how good the product is or how many people need it.

As an online business grows, specialized services will be required. This includes web hosting, search engine optimization tools, link building etc. The opportunities in online business includes affiliate marketing, creating own products, selling space for advertisement, content writing, link building and SEO tools, web hosting services, online surveys and network marketing etc. Growing an online business is an endless process.

People should not try so many things at once if they are in their initial stage of an online business. This involves joining too many programs such as affiliate program, blogs and article writing at the same time. It is better to work on specific activities to achieve proficiency and success. Online business is an ongoing activity which requires consistent efforts and creativity. This is a gateway to success. Nobody can be an online business entrepreneur by just dreaming of it. People have to commit themselves with clear focus on their objective.

Get rich quick schemes are a good way to crash and burn in any business. Planning and hard work will better serve a business in the long run. Just like the hare and the tortoise, the slow and steady pace will always win the race!

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Get rich quick never works out.  Spend some time planning out the business and consistently work at growing it.  That is how all successful online business win the race.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Ten Tips To Making Money On The Internet

Internet is the latest source of income, who would have thought that one can generate good money while sitting in front of some geek box. With the advancement in technology and will to succeed has made it possible to earn from any corner of the world, even while sitting in your pajamas.. There are numerous people who tasted success while spending some good hours in front of computer system. Internet is full of opportunities and one can generate a good part time and full time source of income from it. One can be an entrepreneur or job seeker on this huge platform

If you start counting the ways with which one can make good cash over internet, then the count might get over but not the opportunities. Here is a short list of some good jobs with which one can turn the computer system into money making machine.

1-     Selling and auctioning stuff on online stores

2-     Blogging can bring cash from advertisers

3-     Flipping of domain name

4-     Freelancing

5-     Poker

6-     Online gaming

7-     Proofreading of e-mails and web content

8-     Web designing

9-     Cost per action jobs like get paid for every click, reading emails etc

10-  write e-books, newsletters etc

The aforementioned ideas will surely bring out some money. Choosing the right source is very tricky job. There are many cheaters that are using internet for the same reason of making money, but their way is different and immoral. One should be a little careful and aware of such things. E-mail scams and money frauds are very common which allure one to invest with them for getting a very high return. Make sure about the authenticity of the assignment provider with which one is collaborating. Otherwise internet has lot to offer!

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – The internet is laced with ways of making money.  All it takes from you is the drive and a desire to want to succeed.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Business Branding (A Must To Online Success)

The internet growing by tens of thousands of sites daily.  The explosive growth we are seeing shows no real signs of slowing down.   That is why today more than ever before it is important to create a presence on the internet that goes beyond putting up a business card type website. 

A business card website is what most companies put on the net these days.  It is the page that introduces them to the internet world.  It gets their name out on the web.  For the most part that is it.  This type of website is still needed but it is not what sells most products or services.

When setting up a marketing plan, creating a brand presence is critical.  Your website needs to stand out from others.  To do this effectively in today’s marketplace there are a few things you will want to consider as you are setting your plan up.

Business Card Website – This is still an important part of setting up your online presence but it is not meant as a sales page.  This type of website will have tabs such as About, Contact, Home, FAQ, etc.

A Blog – The Google’s of the world look for fresh content.  Today this is a big part of their ranking criteria.  Having a blog allows you to easily create constant new content for your business.  A good rule of thumb once your blog is set up is to create two to three new blog posts each day for the first two weeks.  After that two to three blog posts per week.

Get Social – Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are just some of the social media sites that you should consider setting up.  Social Media is one of the hottest marketing tools today.  There are numerous strategies to employ for using them. 

Squeeze Page – A squeeze page is designed to capture your visitor’s information.  For the most part you will want your visitors name and email address.  This information is vital to your future success.  Building a strong list should be job number one.

Sales Page – Once your visitor gives you their information on your squeeze page your sales page will pop up.  This page is meant to deliver your offer to your visitor.  The sales page is will only deliver one offer at a time.  If you are selling 3 different items, you will use 3 different sales pages.

Creating Back Links – Back links are links on other websites that link back to your site.  You should take advantage of all of your sites pointing to your squeeze page.  Remember you will capture your visitor’s information and give you future opportunities to market to them. Your blog will also get quite a few back links if you are regularly adding new content.

Today branding yourself and your business is vital to your marketing success.  Don’t try to mimic General Electric’s marketing strategy.  Their business is much different than the average person trying to market their products online.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Set up the various web pages listed above, keep the content fresh an create links back to your site.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Getting Your Online Business Off The Ground With A Strong Team!

Ok you’ve got a great idea for an online business; you know it will be a huge smash.  You have been working on this product for as long as you can remember.  You finally got the last detail of it worked out in your head.  So you sit down and start to put pen to paper and you realize you don’t have a clue about setting up an online presence.  You have no idea where to start.

Well don’t let that discourage you; there is an easy solution to this stumbling block.  Here is the good news; you don’t have to be an expert in everything to make this work for you.  You can use experts that specialize in what you need.  It is no different than building a house; you would use a framer, electrician, plumber… (You get the point).

Let’s look at the areas you might need help in.  Some of these will be simple enough for some to do on their own.  When you will need to decide is how much time will it take you verses how much will it cost you to get it done for you?

Buy a Domain Name – There are hundreds, maybe thousands of companies out there that you can buy a domain name from.  This is your website name.  For the most part you will want to get the .com and .net extensions for your site.  You may choose others based on what it is that you are going to be doing.  If the .com is not available then consider another domain name.  You can have a web designer help you with this if you are not sure how to do it.

Create a Website – This one is a little trickier for most.  Hiring a web designer will be the choice of most people.  Interview them before taking them on as a partner in your business.  It is critical that you realize that this person will be an important part of your success so take your time with this one.  Many hosting companies also have website builders; you may want to choose this option.  A good web designer is worth their weight in gold but you don’t need to pay them all of yours.  Some designers are charging five to fifteen thousand dollars (plus) to create a website.  There are many companies out there that are much more reasonable in their pricing so do your research.

Manage Your Website – Once the website is set up there will be regular maintenance to run it.  Keep in mind a website should not sit stagnant unless it is just a business card or you.  If you want to have good rankings with the search engines then constant updates will be needed.  Having a blog on your site is a good way to have fresh content to update the data on the site.  You may choose to do the site maintenance yourself but hiring a web master might be a wise decision for your business.

So there you have it take your idea and build a strong team to help take that idea to the next level.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Consider using experts in their field to help you in areas that you are not strong in.  You don’t need to go it alone.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Successful Business Have A Plan (You Should Too)

Before the economy went to pot and the stock market fell off of the face of the earth starting a successful business was difficult.  With individuals and business cutting back on spending it has gotten worse.  Today more than ever before it is a tough time to start up a successful business.

It has never been more important than today to have a plan in place for your business.  When people hear the words “Business Plan” there is emotional turmoil present in their facial expressions.  Many individuals are petrified at the thought that they need to sit down and write a business plan.

Believe it or not it is not that bad (once you know what to put into one).  Whether you are just getting started or you have an existing business you will want to make sure that you have a business plan in place.  Every business plan will start off with these things:

A Mission Statement – Is a written statement that defines the purpose of a company.  It will include things such as the organizations goals and a general direction for the company.  Usually mission statements are only a few sentences long.  They are meant to be clear, concise and to the point.

The Companies Description – What will be your legal structure (corporation, LLC, Partnership, etc.)?   What is the company’s history (when and where did they start operating)?  What are your startup plans, when and where will you operate your business?

Your Customer – Who are you trying to market your products to?  What is your market niche (you will need to define it, this is critical)?  It’s easy to say that you want to sell to everyone but you should hone your market in to specific demographics.  It could be by age (25 to 40), sex (female), homeowners (yes), parents of 5 to 12 year olds (yes), that live in a certain part of the country (Atlanta).  Ok you get the idea, you may not have these restrictions or you may have more, it is your business so define what it is going to be.

Your Products – Once you have defined your customer it is time to make sure the produce matches them.  If you are selling senior housing and you are marketing it to people 20 to 40 instead of marketing it to the 55 plus age group you are wasting your money and will probably be out of business shortly.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  There are entire books written to the subject, go to the local library or bookstore and look into some of the.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – The takeaway here should be that you need a plan and you need it sooner rather than later.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

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