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5 Steps To A Successful Internet Business

Search Engine SpecialistHaving a successful internet business is simply a matter of understanding how things work, and applying that knowledge. It dose not take any special skill or any great intelligence. If you follow these five steps, you cannot fail. The most important thing, as with anything in life, is persistence.

STEP 1. Find something you feel is a good business opportunity. You can scour the internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities. Doing a search on any search engine with the keywords Work At Home, Business Opportunities, Home Based Business, Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online, etc., will produce 1000’s of different search results. Affiliate programs are THE ABSOLUTE BEST business opportunities out there because the ONLY thing you need to do to run your internet business is to market your affiliate link. With a traditional business you must deal with inventory, storage, packing, shipping, complaints, returns, phone calls, emails, checks and credit cards just to name a few! Not so with affiliate programs, once someone has clicked on your affiliate link your only job is getting the next person to click on it. Sweet deal!

STEP 2. Get your own webpage. You want to put your internet business on a webpage of your own. A webpage is like a store front. It projects respect to your business and who you are. Think about it. Do you feel the same about buying from a vendor on the street as you do about buying from a person in a store? They’re both vendors, but the store gives you a certain feeling about the person you are buying from that a street vendor just can’t give you! Your webpage dose not have to be fancy. If you only have a brief description of what your webpage is about along with individual descriptions of your product or products people will respect that. If it is affiliate programs you have decided upon, simply put a BRIEF description of what is being offered along with your affiliate link. Do not disclose too much in your description because people might THINK they know what it is all about and not click on your link. You want to let your affiliate website do all the selling for you. These sites are professionally designed to maximize the number of people who buy or join so a brief description, just enough to spike their curiosity, is sufficient.

STEP 3. Get your own Blog and make one post a day. A Blog, short for, “Web Log,” is a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure on whatever topic you decide. As people return to read your daily articles, they will eventually come to view you as an authority on whatever your Blog is about. They will eventually develop confidence in what you are saying, and will begin to trust you. As a result some people will check out your webpage to see what you have to offer them, and people tend to buy more from people they know and trust. Their confidence in you will be an additional factor that will compel people to buy from you. There are many places online that will host and let you set up your Blog for free.

STEP 4. Put Cost-Per-Click(CPC) advertising such as Google AdSense on your website. Having Cost-Per-Click advertising on your website is a way to earn additional income that can be VERY substantial. Most people who visit your website will not buy from you. If people are going to leave your website, wouldn’t you rather them leave through a link on your website that will pay you money every time someone clicks on it? Google makes putting their AdSense on your website E-A-S-Y! The ads are relevant to the content of your website. Google can even put its AdSense on your Blog as we’ll.

STEP 5. Write and submit articles to article submission sites. This is the most important advice you need to know. This is how you will get FREE advertising! People are searching the internet for free information. When you submit your articles online, the search engines will eventually find them and will spider every word. When people do a search using keywords or phrases that are in your articles, they will turn up in the search results, so be sure to insert highly searched for keywords and phrases into your articles! You will need to include at the bottom of all your articles your bio. Your bio will contain a brief description about who you are along with a link to your website. It might read for instance [ John Doe is the owner of John helps people to work at home using various business opportunities that include affiliate programs. If you desire your own home based business visit] The more articles you write and submit, the higher the chances are of your articles keywords and phrases showing up on search results. The more links you have pointing back to your website, the higher your websites page rank with the search engines will be, meaning the higher up on the search results will your article turn up, so don’t stop writing and submitting articles! I do want to stress however, quality over quantity. Take your time and check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. No one will take what you have to say seriously if you don’t write correctly.

So there you have it! Having a successful internet business is simply a matter of understanding how things work, and applying that knowledge. It dose not take any special skill or any great intelligence. If you follow these five steps, you cannot fail. The most important thing, as with anything in life, is persistence. Continue following steps three and five and watch your internet business grow!

Why Saving Money Is A Must In Today’s Society! (Hurry, Get On The Bandwagon)

Saving Money

Everybody knows that it is imperative to Save Money. With the meltdown of the stock market and the real estate market, saving money has never been more important.  Each type of saver wears a different hat.  There are people saving substantial amounts of money.  There are some that can only save a little bit of money and there are some that can’t seem to save a penny no matter how much money they seem to make.

Only few individuals have a tendency to save money consistently with ease. The habit of saving must be developed in children so that they grow up to become wise spenders. A proper mindset can help individuals overcome this problem.

There are various techniques which can be applied to save large sums of money. Adopting these practices will help in attaining your saving goals. The easiest way to save money is to limit the amount of times with which individuals go out. It makes sense if one is trying to save money cutting back on extra expenses is a smart way to go.

Another easy habit to adapt is shopping during a sale.  Also shopping through online stores can provide products at discounted rates leading to extra cash for saving.  Online outlets are another place to consider for discounted prices.  Try to cut down expenses which are not necessities.

Some other tips are to have a single car in the family; this will reduce car payments and insurance.  Cutting down on electricity during the daytime and lowering the heat when no one is home will also have a significant impact on the bottom line.  Small steps go a long way in saving money.

Easy yet effective money saving strategies can be employed into a daily routine in order to save more money on a monthly basis. These money saving tips will help on the short term basis and they will also produce good long term results as well.

Strategy Based Profits Tip – Look at what you are spending money on, look at what can be cut and start socking the money away!

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Without A Business Plan, Failure Is All But Guaranteed!

Creating a business plan, Hiring a Money Coach, Having a Financial Coach, Creating a Budget, Get out of DebtA business plan can be considered the summary of the activities which are much be performed in order to achieve the desired results. A plan is a written document designed to support the long as well as short term goals of a business. It doesn’t matter if the business is an online store or a brick and mortar establishment a good business plan can lead to huge profits. A good business plan includes strategies, operational plans, key objectives, roles and responsibilities of all employees, an overview of management, a list of risks associated and ways to tackle them.

A business plan of an online company should include an analysis of different websites, strategies of competitors, main objective of business, target audience, SEO tools, measurable results, ways of generating traffic, type of content etc. Before making a business plan for an online business one should do good amount of research. One should visit blogs, discussion groups and social networking sites. This will help in finding out the target audience. This will surely attract more customers to one’s website thereby helping the company to earn huge amount of profits. A business plan will guide your online business step by step towards success.

There should be a good business plan no matter whether the online business is operating on a small or large scale. This will ensure the owners and the management team of finding the best business opportunities possible and utilizing resources in the best possible way. This is a plan of action which provides an in-depth view of the work to be done practically. Errors can be reduced to a minimum by practicing best efforts to ensure a good quality of work leading to success. A good business plan also helps in financial projections. Creating a plan requires work and dedication from all levels of ownership, management, and the support staff. Just developing a plan is not enough, proper implementation will be critical. By taking the time to get all of these steps right a business has the best potential to be successful.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – To create a top notch business plan get the buy in from the owners and management. Input, creation and implementation are the keys to success!

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

The Debt Killer, Eliminating Your Debt Forever!

The term debt relates to the position of a person or an obligation to pay something to another person. A person who agrees to pay something to another person is called creditor and to whom it is given is a debtor. Many companies use debt as a source of capital. They use it to finance their day to day as well as long term operations. In many cases this is a good thing.  There are times when individuals and companies overextend themselves and need a way out.

There are many types of debt such as secured and unsecured, syndicated and private and private and public etc. Ultimately it would be better to not have any debt outstanding if possible. Some people try very hard to eliminate or reduce it as quickly as possible. There are others who are stuck and are not sure what to do. They need to institute a debt reduction and debt management plan.  If they are not able to institute these things on their own then professional help may be necessary.

Before going for debt elimination help people should analyze their actual position. This will give them the ability to plan accordingly. There are different forms of debt elimination. This includes debt management, debt counseling, debt negotiation, debt settlement, debt consolidation etc. These all help in the following ways:

  • Debt management helps people to make financial plans according to the circumstances. This may include payment of debt in monthly installments depending upon the monthly expenses. This can be done on your own or with the use of a professional.
  • Debt counseling provides advice on how to tackle your debts. This is a kind of service provided by the people who are specialist in their field. There are debt counseling agencies that are providing services to the people by charging a small fee. Beware of large upfront fees for this service.
  • Debt negotiation is a fast way to eliminate debt. People may reduce their debt to minimum which can be paid easily.
  • Debt settlement includes settling whole of the debts in a much planned way to avoid bankruptcy. Many companies would rather have a piece of the pie than lose it all.
  • Debt consolidation reduces the amount of payment and the interest thereon. This helps to reduces debt of education loan, auto loans, credit card debt etc.

Debts are not meant to be a way of life. These should be eliminated as soon as possible. Debt elimination is a powerful way to get rid out of debts and secure a healthy lifestyle with less stress.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Create a list of all of your debt, the interest rate on each account and how long it will take to pay it off with the minimum payment made every month.  Create a plan using the five debt strategies listed above.  Don’t use credit casds as a way of life.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

5 Great Money Saving Tips In Tough Times!

The current financial crunch has caused numerous money challenges for people all over the world. The economic crisis, cost cutting, job lay off and inflation are some of the major reasons that are making it difficult for people to make ends meet. Money is the basic necessity of every one and many people are becoming a slave to it. To have a peaceful and healthy life everyone needs money.

There are people who are earning handsome amounts that are still feeling the economic turmoil. There are others that were barely getting by before the crisis hit and today it is almost impossible for them to live a decent life. One of the major factors is that as a society we have become a carefree society with and we have mismanaged our money. Saving is another concern for the working class who are trying to secure their future.

Everyone is looking out for good money saving tips that can be merged in daily life without affecting their comfort zone.  Here are some strategic money savings tips to consider.

1)     Cutting Coupons – Weekend newspapers are full of coupon filled flyers.  Although some people have never used coupons before there is an increase in the use of them when financial times get tougher.  The trick here is to only buy the items that you need.  Don’t buy something just because it has a coupon, make sure you have a need for it.

2)     Skip The Brand Names – Don’t pay extra money for a brand name item when there is a less expensive substitute that you can use instead.  You may find there are one or two items that you will like the brand name better but you should test it out and see.  The true test is to not tell your family you made the switch and see if they say anything.

3)     Stock Up On Sales – This applies to food and other items, even gifts.  There will always be someone you need to get a gift for, who says it has to be bought a week before the occasion?  If you see what you like six months early and it is a great price than get it.  Put it away for them until that special occasion.

4)     Go Surfing – Get on the internet and start searching for the same item you are considering for purchase in the local store.  Don’t forget to add in the shipping costs and possibly deduct the local sales tax you would pay (the tax doesn’t apply all of the time but it could make a huge difference).

5)     Online Auction Sites – Look for the items on eBay and other online auction websites.  There are many wonderful deals to be had there but make sure you know the price for the same item in the store before bidding on it.

One can find several tips for saving money from the experts but ultimately it depends on each individual and how well they can manage their finances. Experts always emphasize on making investments and adopting insurance policies. There is nothing wrong with these but they are bigger picture things, things that need attention but not things that will help someone out of the hole they have gotten themselves into.  There are some simple methods which can be incorporated in daily life for saving, such as the items above.  Money tips helps in delivering financial independence which gives a sense of freedom to lead the life stress free.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Look at your spending habits, locate areas that you can cut back or cut out and use the above tips to cut costs on everyday and specialty items.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Debt Is An Ugly Word (How To Get Out Of It Quickly)! Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the different ways people can borrow money, in part 2 we will discuss how to reduce the debt the hardship has brought you.  Once you are in a better place financially you will want to start focusing on your debt.

Family and Friends – This is a sticky situation.  Some family and even a few friends will not want you to pay them back the money you borrowed.  Even if they do not want you to pay them back it is advisable to do so anyway.  If you ever have a need again in the future to borrow money they will be more likely to do so if you paid back the original loan.

Personal Loan – There is not too much you can do here.  These types of vehicles are usually fixed and have a defined payment over a specified period of time.

Retirement Plan – When discussing the withdrawal with your tax advisor you should also discuss if you will need to repay the money to the plan or not.  I am not a big fan of taking this money in the first place what good is it for retirement if you have to live on the streets today.  If possible and the laws allow you to repay it, by all means do so if possible.  Get that money back into its tax deferred or tax free plan.

Home Equity Line Of Credit and Credit Card Debt – I bunched both of these together on purpose.  There is a specific payback method that we will review here.  This makes it easy to put these two together. 

Let’s say you have been using these two instruments to get you through your hardships.  You have not only maxed out your credit cards but you also added debt to your Home Equity Line Of Credit.  There are a few steps to take to work out a proper repayment plan.  This type of plan has been time tested and is proven to work.  It is the fastest repayment plan I have ever seen.

Sit down with your spouse and plan on spending an hour or two on this.  You want your spouse with you because this plan will affect the both of you.  Start working through these steps:

1- Although you may have already done this when you were going through the financial hardship you should do this exercise again.  Discuss if there are any things you can cut out of your budget or are there any things you can cut back on.  If you do come up with some dollars that you can cut back on write the total number that you came up with down and put it on the side for now.

2- Have all current credit card statements and any Home Equity Line Of Credit statement out for review.

3- List all of the HELOC and credit card debt out in dollar amount order.  List the dollar amounts from the lowest first to the highest dollar amount.  For example you have three credit cards that have balances of $975, $28,320, and $23,187.  You also have a HELOC total debt of $78,950.  List the lowest debt first ($975, $23,187, $28320, $78,950)

4- What you are going to do is pay the minimum amount on all debts you have listed on the paper.  This holds true for all of them except the lowest payment you have.  You will take any extra money you have for the month (including the extra money you put away in step number one above) and you will send all of the extra dollars you have to the lowest balance credit card.  So let’s say your monthly payment on that $975 credit card debt is $60.00, you found an additional $40.00 per month that you were able to cut back on, you would then send $100.00 to the credit card that has the lowest balance.  You will keep doing this until the lowest balance credit card is paid off.

5- Now you have an additional $100.00 to apply to the next lowest credit card balance you have.  You will keep doing this until all of your debt is gone.  Once you get started it is a snowball effect.  The start is slow but the plan will start picking up steam and eventually it will get going very quickly.

Getting in debt can take full and total control of a family’s finances.  Make sure to do what you can to get the money to pay it down.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Do what you can to cut expenses, start paying sown the debt and watch the debt start to snowball away.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Debt Is An Ugly Word (How To Get Out Of It Quickly)! Part 1

Most people are not fortunate enough to go through life without running into some form of financial troubles.  For some people they lose their jobs for others they have a medical condition that sets in and in some cases there is a death in the family.  All of these things and many others could cause some form of financial hardship on an individual or family.

When this happens there are limited choices of how to keep a roof over your family’s head and food on the table.  You do what you can but the bills tend to pile up and you can’t seem to get your head above the water. First let’s discuss the places you might be able to get your hands on the finances you will need to work through the hard times.

Family and Friends – I didn’t say you would like the choices but you must consider your family and possibly a friend or two to help you through these trying times.

Personal Loan – If you have good credit you may be able to get the money from the bank or other financial institution.

Retirement Plan – You may be eligible to use the money that is in your retirement plans for personal hardship.  Check with your tax advisor on the rules for these.

Home Equity Line Of Credit – This is also known as a HELOC.  Although this is a choice keep in mind that your debt will now have equity behind it.  What I am referring to is that the bank has an asset to hold against your debt (your home).  This one should be a last resort.

Credit Card – Credit cards are the vehicle that many individuals and families wind up using to help get them through the rough patches.  There is no wonder that as a country we are in so much trouble with this type of debt.

In Part #2 we will discuss how to reduce the debt that the hardship has brought you.

Children And Savings (The Top 3 Strategies For Teaching Kids About Saving Money)

Historically parents have not done a good job on teaching their children about money or saving money.  Parents send their children to school and they feel that the school and the teachers in the school will teach the kids about money.  WRONG, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I am asked over and over again when is a good time to get started?  How early should I start teaching my children about saving?  Many parents believe that they should wait until he child is a little older (teenagers) before they teach them about money and savings.

I teach parents to start teaching their children around the age of three or four.  Yes, you heard me right, start teaching them around three or four.  You are not going to beat them over the head about savings but you should start teaching them about money.

Here are three of the top strategies for teaching kids about saving money:

1) What Is Money And How Does It Work – Start teaching your children early.  Don’t wait on this, this is a critical step.  Teach your children what real money is worth, use coins and bills in the educational process.  Explain how much each coin is worth.  Show them one and five dollar bills, teach them how to read each bill.

2) Set Up A Savings Plan – Historically parents use various methods for savings.  Although some are better than others the important thing is that you are doing something.  There are three methods that you can use, here they are:

A) The Piggy Bank – When using a piggy bank allow your children to put the money in the bank themselves.  What you are doing is you are getting them used to putting their money in the bank.  Psychologically you are getting them used to savings because they are placing the money in the bank themselves.

B) A Savings Account – Placing the money in a savings account is a great way to save money for your children.  It is not a good way for your children to learn about saving money for themselves.  I am not against putting money into a savings account but what I am in favor of is to have your children go to the bank with you and let them hand their money to the teller.  This gets them used to making deposits at an early age.

C) A Jar System – Using clear plastic containers to save money in is a wonderful idea.  If your child is saving for a particular item that they want to buy, let’s say there is a new doll that they want, you would have a clear jar for them to put the money in.  The visualization of the money in the jar is a very powerful motivator to get them to want to save more.

3) Allowance – Take a few chores around the house or in your business and give it a dollar amount that it is worth.  You could also do this with tasks for your business, your kids could file, do data entry, etc.  This next part is an important psychological step, when you pay them, don’t call it allowance, instead call it commission.  Get them used to getting paid for what they do.

Teaching your children about money and savings is a very important process that parents should teach their children.  Start them off young and you will engrain your kids with this wonderful lesson.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Teach them young and remember it is a never ending process!

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Debt Is A Dirty Word! (Or Is It)

As a society we are out of control with debt.  If you think about it we are a now society, we are impatient and we want it NOW!  I want, I want, I want, that is the motto today.  Oh and I don’t have the money to pay for it so I will put it on a credit card with 23% interest and a really low monthly payment.  It is nice of the credit card company to help me out with low payments.

We are so out of control, today’s children are expected to be the first generation ever to not do better than their parents.  Can you imagine that, with the prices of things today how will our children not be in debt, probably serious debt? 

Keep in mind not all debt is bad; yes some debt is worse than others so let’s define the different types of debt.

1-The first type of debt is what I will call (for lack of a better term) “Good Debt”.
2-The next type of debt would be called “OK” debt.  This is debt that you are ok to go into but you would rather not if you could avoid it.
3-The last debt is “Bad Debt”.  This is debt that you should avoid whenever possible.

Good Debt
Buying A Home – This type of debt is called “Secure Debt” there is something that the lender has as collateral.  Buying a home and using a mortgage is good debt because in theory by the time the house is paid off it will be worth more than you paid for it (even with the interest).

OK Debt
School Loans – Paying for your education would be almost impossible for many college students if they had to pay for it each semester.  You will start paying it off after you get out of school. There are usually favorable interest rates attached to these types of loans.

Auto Loan – Having a car for many is the only way to get around so taking a loan out for it is ok if you follow some guidelines.  Remember you don’t need to buy a new car, there are some very nice pre owned vehicles out there at a reasonable price.  Also if you are going to take out a loan for say three to five years plan on keeping the car for at least two years longer than the loan.  Keep making the car payments to yourself and save it for the next car.

Bad Debt
Credit Card Debt – This is a BIG place where we as a society have gone wrong.  I don’t have the money for it right now, just put it on the credit card.  I will pay it later.  The problem is when the bill comes in you don’t have enough to pay it off so you make the minimum payment and this is where the vicious cycle starts.  As a society we keep charging month after month and we keep getting deeper and deeper in debt.

Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) – Home equity debt might be the worst of all (might).  Don’t get me wrong there may be good reasons to use your home equity line of credit but for the most part it is a bad use of debt.  This debt is now secured.  Meaning the lender has an asset they can come after for repayment of the loan (Your Home).  So as you consolidate your debt from your credit cards and put it into a HELOC you took unsecured debt and made it secured

Although debt is classified here as Good, OK and Bad there really is no true good debt.  If it can be avoided then it should be avoided.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Try to pay cash if possible and never turn unsecured debt into secure debt.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

Starting A Successful Home Based Business!

Whether you work full time, part time or you are a homemaker or even retired already if you are looking for a little extra income setting up your own part time business might work for you.

A part time business will allow you to keep your current job while testing the waters with your new venture.  If done right you will make some money along the way.

Many new businesses fail within the first few years of starting up.  To start up a business that has the best chance of being successful there are a few things you need to do to put you on the side of success.

In coaching individuals through the process of setting up a business there is a 5 step process you will need to go through to raise your chances of having a successful business.

1) What Will Your Business Do – The first question to ask is what will your niche be?  This is very (and I mean very) important decision.  Don’t try to be a jack of all trades. Just become a master of one.  You will need to determine what your business will sell, whether product or service it doesn’t matter just hone in on that core area.  You will also need to determine who your target market is.  Who will you be selling to?

2) Have A Plan – Setting up a business plan is crucial to your success.  There is no step more important in the process.  Knowing why you are going to do something, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it are crucial questions to answer.

3) Follow The Law – Each state has laws and regulations that must be followed.  That means having a formal business structure.  This could be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, a corporation or another type of structure.  For more information on this please contact me to discuss your options.

4) Sell, Sell, Sell – Next you need to determine where you will sell your wares or services.  Will you sell in a traditional brick and mortar or will you sell your products online?  Consider this, even if you sell door to door you will want to have an online presence for your business.  I have a list of resources on my blog under the Rolodex section to help you there.

5) Review Your Plan – Your plan is not a stagnant document.  It is a fluid and dynamic work that will forever be evolving.  As your business gets going review and revise your business plan.

Well there you have it a down and dirty 5 step proven plan to get you going.

Strategy Based Profits TIP: – Pick a niche market, create your plan, set up your business, sell your products and rework your plan as needed.

Robert J. Roy
Money Man

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