About Me

Money has been a powerful motivator since the beginning of time.  Whether it was the cavemen paying with rocks, the Indians selling Manhattan for $20 something dollars or your kids asking for the latest toy, MONEY has always had a huge importance on society.  The rub about it is that we as a society do a poor job (At Best) of teaching our youth how money works and how to handle it.

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Robert J. Roy and I have been helping people for over 15 years get control over money instead of money having control over them.  I have helped tens of thousands of people from numerous countries and continents of all ages (from young children to retirees) take control of their financial futures.

Some of the areas I specialize in are:

* Teaching young children what money is and how it works!

*Educating teens how they can have their own business NOW!

*Working with adults on getting out of debt!

*Helping teens through the tough financial areas of college!

*Setting up savings plans that children love to use!

*College planning and life planning (They MUST go together)

*Using the stock market to your advantage at ANY age!

*Educate people from 3 to 93+ on using money properly to live a GREAT life!

And much, much more!!!

No matter where you are financially, no matter what your age is, if you need help with any of these areas please contact me to discuss your issue and I will work out a solution to get you or your loved ones on the right track.  My passion is helping children succeed financially.  Why not get your children started off right!  It is never too early to teach them what money is and how it works.