7 Simple Steps To Writing An Ebook

Article Marketing StrategiesWe all have a wealth of knowledge inside of us. We all have a wealth of knowledge inside of us. We each know a lot about certain topics or areas. In a word we are all specialists in our own rite.

So why not take that info and use it to your own advantage. If you have specialized knowledge, people are willing to pay for it!

I can hear the thoughts going off in your hear now: come on Rob, will people really pay for what i know? Or; i am not an expert so why would someone want to pay me?

Most people do not give themselves enough credit for what they know. Remember Bill Gates wasnt born with a computer in his hand. He started out the same as you and i. The difference between someone that is successful and someone that is not is the successful person did whatever it took to get successful.

So lets get that specialized knowledge out of you. Dont wait, start on it right now. Heres what you need to do. Get out a piece of paper and write down 10 interests, or hobbies, or things you do at work. Once this is done score them from 1-10, one being the thing you know most about and ten being what you know least about.

Your next step is to take the top three items and pick the one that you have the most intrest in. This is the topic you will start with.

Step one and two: These steps are the hardest to do, find a topic to write on. You just accomplished that if you completed the 2 exercises above.

Step 3: Create a list of bullet points that you will write on. This list will serve as your topics for you ebook.

Step 4: Put the bullet points in chronological order that makes sence. For example it you were writing an ebook on “How to cook Great Pizza”, making the dough would come before putting on the cheese 

Step 5: Take each bullet point and write about it in detail. You will find that creating sub points for each main topic will be helpful. Once you start a topic ? to finish it in one sitting if possible. You will have already started the creative juices going, by keeping them flowing you will spend less time getting it done.

Step 6: Write your introduction after you have finished he body. By doing the body first you have a better idea of what you are introducing.

Step 7: Write the conclusion, her you will sum up what you just told your reader.

Once the ebook is done give it away to at least 10 people and ask them to review it for you. Print it our in double space so they can easily write comments for you. Also ask them to give you a written testamonial on the book. This will help you in your marketing. There you have it, creating an ebook in 7 easy steps!